Paint and Party
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Join us for a fun, creative and relaxing time at


317 Golf Mill Center
Niles IL, 60714

Whether you just want to stroll in, have a party or group outing. We have thousands of different ready to paint ceramics waiting for you.
So let your imagination go wild!

Feeling unsure? Not feeling very creative?
Not known for your artist abilities?

We find that our painters walk away surprised as to how creative they can be, with samples in our store and books for inspirations, and a knowledgeable staff you
can create your own masterpiece.

Sounds exciting but how much does it cost?

We are a paint-your-own-ceramic studio with two great concepts under one roof!

You choose from:

Paint-N-Take Ceramics

Painting your own ceramics is easy with paint-and-take-ceramics. Simply use water based paints which are easy to paint on and because the colors stay true to themselves it is easy to see how your masterpiece will turn out once it is completed.

How it works:
Just purchase your ceramic and receive free use
of our paint, sealer, glitter and gloss to complete your item. Your item is ready to take home the same day.

Fired Ceramics

Paint your own ceramics using fun glazes which give you a beautiful glazed look to your ceramics. Once fired your ceramics are food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

How it works:
Just purchase your ceramic plus a $3.00 firing fee. You have free use of our glazes to complete your item. Your item is ready to take home in 5 to7 days.